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She saw me before I saw her and she came up behind me and called my name. I turned and she looked far better than I recalled that her: streaked blonde hair, an ingénue’s face, excellent grin and incredible teeth. I attempted to say greetings however my words were gotten in my throat. . She exploited my delay and planted a singing hot kiss on my lips, with one hand behind neck and the other over my heart. With only a little tongue, sufficiently only to understand that lump in my jeans developing. She more likely than not felt my heart, it was hammering out of my mid-section. She said something unpretentious like, "We should go, enormous kid" and we were end route up to my room. The lift ride was epic: alone, we were kissing like departed darlings, our bodies pushing up against each other. We got up to my room and I removed her coat to uncover a perfectly sized pullover, which emphasized her lovely figure. I opened a container of champagne however we weren't part of the way through the main glass before she had slipped off her pullover, boots and pants and there she was before me: only one dazzling, hot, excellent lady all mine for the inquiring. So I asked, and she gestured and all of a sudden MY garments were off and she was on her knees sucking at my quickly growing chicken. She gives GREAT head: a BBBJ for the ages. Loads of profound throating and eye contact.
by Wadim, from Moscow | Written on 2016-08-14