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Heathrow Escort has excellent eyes, a flawless face, and a thump out figure (all characteristic). I couldn't keep my eyes off her as we talked and shared a glass of champagne. In the end I came to over and started to stroke her leg which advanced to light kissing, and afterward more enthusiastic DFK. Our garments started to come fall off and we moved to the bed. The movement from tasteful night garments, to hot unmentionables, to her exposed body lying on the bed was an incredible sight and something that I will recollect for quite a while. I normally get a kick out of the chance to begin with DATY and this was no special case. Heathrow Escort has only a little fix of ruddy blonde pubic hair that I kissed on my way down underneath. This is one of my most loved exercises and I invested some energy there as Heathrow Escort was into it. With a few ladies I'm not certain how they are feeling but rather with Heathrow Escort I was sure that she was into it as much as I was and truly added to the experience. In the long run we exchanged parts and Heathrow Escort got on all fours and gave me a pleasant BBBJ as I bowed alongside her. I was into it however would not like to complete that way so the spread went on and we began up in mish. I delighted in kissing her as she urged me to persistently push in and out.
by Martin, from Hounslow | Written on 2018-05-15
I invited Shannon to my hotel. She arrived punctually. A very beautiful and elegantly dressed girl who immediately tempted me with her flirtatious smile and velvet voice like the sweetest chocolate. She offers a wide range of services and she really knows how to charm her client. Her body is made for pleasure and she knows it. She knows how to use her feminine charm to charm the guy. It was a really great meeting!
by Fiodor, from Marylebone | Written on 2018-04-28
She saw me before I saw her and she came up behind me and called my name. I turned and she looked far better than I recalled that her: streaked blonde hair, an ingénue’s face, excellent grin and incredible teeth. I attempted to say greetings however my words were gotten in my throat. . She exploited my delay and planted a singing hot kiss on my lips, with one hand behind neck and the other over my heart. With only a little tongue, sufficiently only to understand that lump in my jeans developing. She more likely than not felt my heart, it was hammering out of my mid-section. She said something unpretentious like, "We should go, enormous kid" and we were end route up to my room. The lift ride was epic: alone, we were kissing like departed darlings, our bodies pushing up against each other. We got up to my room and I removed her coat to uncover a perfectly sized pullover, which emphasized her lovely figure. I opened a container of champagne however we weren't part of the way through the main glass before she had slipped off her pullover, boots and pants and there she was before me: only one dazzling, hot, excellent lady all mine for the inquiring. So I asked, and she gestured and all of a sudden MY garments were off and she was on her knees sucking at my quickly growing chicken. She gives GREAT head: a BBBJ for the ages. Loads of profound throating and eye contact.
by Wadim, from Moscow | Written on 2016-08-14